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Customers Satisfaction

Thanks for choosing Deefurse Leatherware Products. We are strongly committed to serving you with quality and functional products.
  • Every product/item has been tested and satisfactorily approved by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON).
  • We implore you to carefully read through the product-manual, thoroughly check product pictures, ask questions using the customer care line to be sure you’re pleased with the product as we do not allow refunds on sold products after 6 months.
  • Deefurse Leatherware’s product(s) is covered by a 6 months limited warranty against manufacturing defects. As leather is a natural and breathable material, it is important to remember that meticulous care and maintenance is required.
  • If proven that the product malfunctions due to production or shipping defect, you can bring it with the original proof-of-purchase from Deefurse Leatherware. This exchange should be made within (5 days) of purchase with original packaging materials intact.
  • There is a 6-months money back warranty on battery life from the day/date of purchase. If battery never works or stops working, please return product with receipt and packaging materials intact for a full refund.
  • Our warranty does not cover wear and tear or damages caused by intentional misuse, neglect or mistreatment.
  • Our warranty on our products is also void if the good has undergone repair or alteration by a third-party.
  • All products/items sold on sales or delivered with an incentive such as free delivery, are not eligible for returns or exchanges.
  • Although, there is zero possibility of our product causing bodily harm, we implore you to always use certified charging plugs and sockets to charge your bag or wallet battery. Use only the cable that comes with the bag or wallet as Deefurse Leatherware will not be responsible for any damage caused by a customer’s negligence.
  • Deefurse Leatherware bag is made of silicone leather and will feel like brand new for years, if properly used.
  • The chain used in the process of manufacturing is goldplated. It will not tarnish but may not look as bright as the day of purchase, after one year.

Deefurse Leatherware is committed to ensuring your shopping experience is amazing.

Thank you for your trust and patronage. We do not take it for granted.

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